4 Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

When you’re stressed out, feeling sluggish, or simply need some time to relax, you might be considering getting a massage. But what kind of massage should you get? At Rhemedy by Rhed, our team of massage therapists offers a wide range of massage options, including lymphatic drainage massages. Keep reading to learn more about lymphatic drainage massages and their benefits, and book yours online today.

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Great for Your Skin

A great benefit of any massage, especially lymphatic drainage massages, is that they’re great for your skin! With the help of lymphatic drainage, your body will be better able to rid itself of toxins and the massage will help to stimulate lymphatic circulation as well as blood circulation. This can lead to healthier, plumper skin with fewer wrinkles, less acne, and these massages can even promote hair growth!

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Promotes Healing

With your body’s circulatory system flowing freely, you’ll have better lymphatic circulation, which can help your body heal from injuries better. By promoting optimal blood flow and lymphatic circulation, a lymphatic drainage massage can help you feel better faster if you’ve recently suffered from a dislocation, a fracture, or muscle injury.

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Reduces Inflammation and Swelling

When your body is recovering from an injury, stress, or other physical demands, inflammation is a common side effect, and can lead to swelling throughout your body. Lymphatic drainage massages can help to reduce swelling and inflammation by increasing your circulation and lymph flow.

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Can Help Reduce Stress

Of course, one of the most well-known benefits of getting a massage is stress relief. With lymphatic drainage massages, your body will naturally release tension and stress as toxins are drained from your system and your circulation is increased.

Jumpstart your body’s natural healing responses and reap the benefits of lymphatic drainage by scheduling a massage at one of our locations today!

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