4 Things to Keep a Level Head Through the Holidays

It’s holiday season, a time of celebration and thoughtfulness where spirits ring high and immerse us in reflection.

As we embrace the wane of the 2023, the year of the rabbit, of hope, and of great disturbance, we hope to help you keep grounded as you take hold of the your reality in your own way.

We have made such our practice.

So, in this time where work gets more demanding, when family comes to visit, or you are carrying the load of processing the holidays here are 4 tips to stay leveled during the holiday season.


1. Start each day with a clear mind.

In the same way that breakfast is the most important in meal of the day, so is any other energy we feed ourselves in the morning. Very easily, the way we start our day can set the tone for our next 24 hours and sometimes even our week. Although control of external forces may be limited for the average of beings, there is power that lies within us to create a tone for ourselves that is thoughtful and set on finding the silver lining in any situation we are presented. There are unique ways to work at a renewing our energy before our day starts, this can look like saying affirmations in the morning, thoughtfully releasing woes from days previous, working out, listening to calming music, and so many more.

At Rhemedy, we hope to offer assistance in the gift of mindfulness. Reiki, Chakra balancing, and Craniosacral sessions are services we intention for the clearing your mind and release of tensions that may be held within your body.

It’s an energy thing, how can you start your day in the clear?


2. Ask Friends/Family to respect your working hours

Boundaries have seem to have been a recurring theme that has accompanied the ushering in of generation X. Gratefully, in collective effort, we motion toward presenting our capabilities very presently and offer our community true guidance on how to support us in our efforts. This is not an easy task, but the speak and prominency of our personal self-advocation is truly a magical thing to witness. It’s important we remember its value this holiday season where it may be easy to feel overwhelmed.

In reverse, practice this same effort when it comes to creating boundaries for work. Your family time and your “you” time deserve room to exist with no compromise.

P.s. if you need help slipping away … the holidays are great time to send your love ones on errand. Grab them a gift certificate and have them visit us, while you optimize your time to work.

3. Take care of your body & mind

There is an understandable hyperfocus on very specific things this time of the year. Whether embracing religious, traditional, or new practices there is usually a lot happening in this month with lots to do and get done. This time is crucial as any to prioritize taking care of your mind and body. Don’t over work yourself, and don’t burn out, remember to take care of your body and mind.

This can manifest in a spa day, in journaling, in meditation, and even resting.

When you visit us sessions like Thai Yoga, and Myofascial Pain Release are useful to increase mobility and help you move your body despite tensities, while Hot Salt Stones and Cool Marble Stones are a resort that your body will only thank you for.

Prioritize your body and mind.

4. Practice Moderation

Our last tip, practice moderation. No matter what this season brings for us, let it ring in ease. let it ring in intention and mainly, balance. This can apply to any area of our lives we see fit. In moderation, it can be easier to not carry such a heavy load that comes with the hard edge of our indulgences. Whether work, fun, or rest, find a balance that works for you and enjoy it.

We wish you happy holiday parties, happy holidays, and safe travels.

Doing what we can to help you conquer the day,


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