Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage, founded by Judie Rhed, embodies a mission to heal, educate, and elevate through bodywork. Graduating from the prestigious Swedish Institute in NYC in 2005, Judie has pursued extensive continuing education, including Reflexology, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, and more. With over 19 years of experience, she has worked with diverse clients ranging from athletes to celebrities, integrating techniques like deep tissue massage, Thai Yoga stretching, and Craniosacral Biodynamics.

Her practice, Rhemedy By Rhed, established in 2007, thrives on providing unique, anticipated service, supported by her background in spa management and display design.

We're passionate about one thing...  Offering holistic wellness to our community in West Village and Chelsea, NYC.

Meet our team of experts:

Featured Therapists:

WestVillage Chelsea NYC Massage Therapist Peter

Peter T
LMT | WestVillage + Chelsea

Peter, with his combined 13 years experience from NYC combines the experienced modalities Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Medical, Lymphatic Drainage, Trigger point Therapy and Active Release and Prenatal to promote deep relaxation and collaborative removal of restrictions within the body of each client.

Educated from College of Health Professions NY in 2011 and integrated Bachelors degree in Healh Science, with varying continuing education in Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage and PreNatal coursed at the renowned  Swedish Institute, Peter is an ever enthusiastic learner of the bodywork field. His experiences ranges from spas, gyms, Physical Therapy Rehabilitation and Chiropractic clinics and has had the confidence and security to offer private sessions at his clients homes.

A true New Yorker born and raised in Queens, Peter enjoys trips to the beaches, grassy parks and long hikes to decongest from the city life.

License Number: 025229
Insurance Number: 1994633



Chelsea NYC Massage Therapist Andrew

Andrew D

LMT | Chelsea

Andrew graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2012 and has delved into the 12+ years experience and education traveling internationally to combine Western and Eastern techniques ranging from 12 Meridian facilitation, Thai Yoga Massage, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic Massage, PreNatal, ScarTissue Management, Trigger Point, GuaSha, Cupping, Lymphatic and PNF techniques

Andrew is specific, deep and direct in his approach to soft tissue manipulation. His expertise is in Deep Tissue Myofascial massage, which targets trigger points which are the most debilitating type of muscular pathology. Mainly addressing needs of clients to alleviate pain, improve motor functions, optimize peak athletic performances, as well as prevent & heal post-op scars and sports injuries.

His NYC experiences range from PT clinics as well as private practice maintained prior the pandemic.

License: 026989
Insurance: PLE974344-BW1430066



WestVilllage NYC Massage Therapist Sha

Sha J

LMT | WestVillage

Sha graduated from the Swedish Institute of Health and Science in NYC in 2020, and has received in depth training as well as further training to offer Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, Thai massage, and Energetic Balancing. This diverse skill set allows Sha to integrate bodywork modalities in order to customize sessions to meet the individual needs.

Throughout her years in the wellness industry, she has as a therapist worked in numerous environments from at-home services, spas, gyms, and Chiropractic offices as well as spearheaded management and service enhancements of spa facilities.

Her constant focus is help clients reduce pain and swelling, increase mobilization and facilitate healing from restrictions with balance of   the mind and body.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with loved ones, watching paranormal podcasts, cartomancy, and walks in the park.

License Number: 032500
Insurance Number: 0289955556



Our Veterans


NY State Certification #017567

COI #2379520

Maria has been practicing as a massage therapist since 2016. She has extensive experience in the chiropractic settings focusing on clinical and orthopedic massages which address concentrated areas of pain locations and integrating the the supporting structures which affect the pain response.

She is skilled In Myofasical Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic Massage, Massage Cupping, Assisted Stretching, Orthopedic Massage and Active Release Techniques which address deep tissue and connective imbalances within bodies of wide spectrum including, elderly, perinatal and others.

With a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Opera, Maria had a unique journey to becoming massage therapist.After years of singing, she decided to make the career change as a massage therapist and studied at the renowned Swedish Institute. She grew to love anatomy and myology which in turn discovered a love for her own physical and mental fitness.

She is an advocate for kettlebell training as well as mobility outside of working as a therapist.



Graduated from 1,000 hours program at El Nogal College, Bogotá - Colombia in 2014 after a bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences, Natalia continued her education and experience as DoTerra’s Aromatouch certification and clinical program within the NYC division.

Her passion for wellbeing for clients to feel their best and reach their wellness goals stem from a personal endeavors as a continued strong interest in body mechanics as well as traditional  healing practices. She truly enjoys making people feel better.

Natalia’s NYC work experience ranges from chiropractic offices, stretch labs as well as spas combining her skills of several massage modalities including classic Swedish, HotStone, Deep Tissue, PreNatal, LymphaticDrainage and Reflexology.

Outside of massage therapy, she is a passionate mother, baker and world traveler.



NY State Certification #032397
American Massage Therapist Association #MA97276

Richard joins us with formal education spanning from in Massage Therapy from State University of New York Niagara, Yoga Teacher Training from Ishta Yoga, BA in Landscape Architecture from Umass Amherst MA, Digital Arts from State University of New York Genesee as he ever explores the aspects of healing, community, movement and nature.

He embodies a holistic perspective as a New Yorker as he interweaves the city, farm, and wilderness together in his own life after years of international travels to study cultures and communities. Richard resonates with inter-connective-ness and is fortunate to integrate a diversity of experience on Earth as a Yoga Teacher, LMT, Reiki Master, Earth Steward, Outdoorsman, Farmer, Artist, Aries. His movements have led to a greater understanding that connection heals as well as devoting yourself to self love and acceptance. He is also certified in his exploration of lymphatic studies.

His sessions are rhythmical, nurturing and intuitive.

"As we strengthen our relationships with our selves, each other, and Mother Earth we create harmony and balance that radiates from within throughout."



NY State Certification #026738
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals #742424

She is back! After long hiatus back and forth taking care of family back in Poland 2020-2022, Marieta has returned to work with us!
A graduate from now closed  Cortiva Institute in Hoboken New Jersey, Marieta is licensed in 34 states including NJ and NY. Marieta is also licensed in Medical Aesthetics including Laser Medicine and certified in Vodder method Manual Lymph Drainage. She specializes in post-surgical therapeutic massage, sports massage as well as myofascial release, although in most cases she draws upon a blend of all modalities including myofascial, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and more. Her experience of working at 5 star spas around NYC as well as chiropractic practice and private clientele fine tunes her customized approach to each client’s needs.
Marieta is also a consultant in molecular hydration and strives to educate everyone to improving their overall health.
Outside of massage practice, Marieta loves traveling the world, dancing, hiking but also cooking and spending time in peaceful places and a proud mother of a handsome 30 year old.
Education: Cortiva Institute for Massage Therapy  Associate Degree in Occupational Therapy 2012 |  Institute for Laser Medicine (Medical Laser Esthetics Trai
ning) 2016 | Lymphatic Drainage Certification Course 2015 | Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics, NY Nail Technician license 2015 +  Esthetics license 2014 WSEiZ University, Warsaw, Poland M.S. in Eng. Environmental Protection 2007.


kenzocavalier@gmail.com | Insta @kenzocav

As resident pet therapy specialist, Kensie is always present at our practice when Judie is around (unfortunately more in Chelsea than WestVillage now), whether to give you cuddles, lick or coax out your inner child with his playful tail wag and attention demanding melting looks. He is either thrilled or sleeping at Rhemedy by Rhed Therapeutic Massage, mostly the latter.

Kensie is the beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel nurtured by Judie and all those who love and loved him. Born January 2014 in upstate NY breeding by Karlee Cavaliers



NY State Certification #030807
American Massage Therapist Association #1914786

Sandra is excited to join Rhemedy By Rhed in 2022 as another proud LMT soft skilled in deep tissue myofascial release, trigger point therapy along with medical and perinatal massage. Her goal is to help educate clients to manage pain as her viewpoint of historical traumas affect days to day lives physically and mentally. She firmly believes that healing touch and deep breathing can really be the driving force to a whole new world!

Graduated from the legendary Swedish Institute in NYC in 2017, she has since dedicated herself full time to the healing practice in various spa and clinical settings and always learning new techniques to grow and provide effective and holistic ways of destress and healing the body.

Sandra offers audibly soothing encouragement with her years of musical theater resonance. “The stress of always living one step ahead of each thought is carried until the load on the body yells, “I can’t do it anymore.”



NY State Certification #031465 |
American Massage Therapy Association #1237590

Yadira is a graduate from Mildred Elley in 2019, who specializes in Deep Tissue, TriggerPoint Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage Cupping, and Body Sculpting as well as Stretching Therapy. She is certified in Post-Op Lymphatic massages along with Lymphatic Drainage massages from nurse “BeBe” Boykin.

Having worked at some premier NYC venues ranging from international airport and luxury hotels and spas, she has harnessed her fusion of experiences to offer a combination of massage modalities to ensure an effective treatment to her clients.

“A session with me is safe nurturing intuitive and healing. Let’s get your mind body and spirit aligned through intentional healing. I can’t wait to meet you!”


Myofascial massage

Real results from Devin!


NY State Certification #015270
American Massage Therapist Association #128862

Graduated from the Swedish Institute in NYC, Devin, a native of Queens, has been honing his unique style of massage therapy 17+years by blending therapeutic techniques of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point, Myofascial Pain Release and Structural Integration with an emphasis on postural alignment. With the education of Anatomy Trains and Myofascial Meridians via Thomas W. Myers; Orthopedic massage and functional assessment via Whitney W. Lowe from Omeri Orthopedic Massage Education & Research Institute and Structural Integration bodywork via Bonnie Crellin Guild Structural integrationist plus years of experience at Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa @ Reebok Sports Club as well as 5 star spas, he has fine tuned the techniques and belief system of clients centered sessions for each individual.

Devin believes that each individual’s body is unique therefore each pathology’s presentation will differ as well as the appropriate treatment. Devin is also a believer that the human body has a vast ability to heal itself and sometimes just needs the proper encouragement.

In his spare time, Devin is very much a foodie who enjoys exploring and cooking culinary inspirations, playing tennis and watching Netflix.



NY State Certification #1232638
American Massage Therapist Association #1740606

Katie is another graduate of the legendary Swedish Institute in NYC with a creative background in dance and fashion. She was drawn to massage through these past professional experiences, and how our day-to-day lives, from work to our creative passions aka pursuits, impact our bodies.

Her work focuses on cultivating relief from pain and tension while acknowledging personal patterns that created them. She’s cultivated this approach through her past experiences from holistic wellness space, a fitness spa, to chiropractic settings working alongside advanced fitness trainers, Pilates Instructors, PT’s and Chiropractors and Acupuncturists.

Her sessions combine a variety of modalities to meet the body designed for the day of session: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports massage, Lymphatic for general water retention and debloating, and Shiatsu points.

Outside of massage you can usually find Katie in a park with her pup enjoying the NYC sunshine or elbows deep in a new creative project. Forever curious and creative.



NY State Certification #032495
American Massage Therapist Association #031987

Tatiana Green is a graduate of Swedish Institute where she continues as a Teachers Assistant for first year students. She is certified in Medical Massage to include treatments for Asthmatics and C.O.P.D conditions and well versed in Prenatal Massages.

Tatiana’s interest in women's health, pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period stems from the beauty found in her own transition into motherhood. She cares deeply about nurturing women while they prepare to bring new life into the world.

Her sessions explore a variety of modalities ranging from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Trigger point Therapy and Myofascial and Prenatal Massage. The journey of each person’s healing inspires her to assist them on their own unique path to well-being. She designs treatments tailored to each client’s needs that will address pain and promote relaxation.

When not working, she is bike riding, running with plenty of post-run stretching, as well reading up on literature of phenomenal connections between the mind and body.



NY State Certification #031465
American Massage Therapist Association #1237590

James obtained his Master's degree in Acupuncture in 2002 from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in NYC and received his Diplomat in Acupuncture through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).  He also obtained his NYS License in Massage Therapy and graduated from the Swedish Institute.

With 30 years in healthcare massage, specializing in deep tissue and orthopedic treatments, he's honored as "Best Massage Therapist" by Westchester Magazine. Offering personalized holistic solutions, he blends deep tissue/Swedish techniques, trigger points, and stretches. In acupuncture, James merges classical meridian approaches with Trigger Point or Dry Needling, drawing from Osteopathy and Physical Medicine. His expertise addresses diverse issues like infertility, digestive imbalances, dysmenorrhea, and systemic imbalances.

His treatments focus on relieving holding patterns and releasing trigger points to facilitate the release of muscle tension and promote relaxation.



Holistic Manual Therapist incorporating soft tissue pain reduction with energy therapies such as Reiki, Access Bars is a holistic complementary therapy that activates the body's innate ability to self-heal, Shamanic Healing in conjunction with clinical aromatherapy.

Jasmin believes her life purpose is to serve others and the best way to do so is to heal and give well-being to all clients through manual therapy with gentle relaxing sessions and holistic therapies so that clients can experience a unique and different perspective.

7 years experience as a NY massage therapy with experience in Deep Tissue, Prenatal, lymphatic drainage massage, Reflexology. She has over 6 years experience with Aromatouch Techniques via DoTerra.



NY State Certification #016960
American Massage Therapist Association #1684784

Graduated 2003 from legendary Swedish Institute in NYC, Rebecca encompasses over 19 years of massage therapy. Her modalities of expertise ranges from Deep Tissue, Trigger Point manipulation, Passive/ Active stretching, Acupressure, Peri-Natal and Massage Cupping.

Her previous corporate wellness center background ranges from sole therapist at Deutsche Bank, Bank of NY and NYMEX where she honed her communications skills as well as address the postural conditions of corporate desk culture.

Rebecca focuses her practice in deep tissue, as well as the treatment and prevention of injuries that result from athletics, improper posture, and/or lack of flexibility. Working within corporate wellness centers, Rebecca has become well recognized in treating headaches, migraines, and reducing blood pressure. Her sessions alleviate physical pain through a variety of techniques including movement, stretch, muscle and trigger point manipulation.



NY State Certification #1740590
American Massage Therapist Association #031987

Winston graduated the renowned Swedish Institute in 2019, and since then has geared his work experience throughout the the city in other boutique massage therapy practices as well as onsite luxury wellness companies. His expansive previous operational work background in customer service honed his interpersonal skills…and his incredibly strong and firm pressured touch!

He seeks to alleviate the stresses and issues arising from modern era’s technological advances with more and more people find themselves in uncomfortable sitting positions and poor postural configurations. Specializing in using myofascial, deep tissue, and trigger point work to target key muscle structures, he strives to relieve the pain and discomfort of a prolonged and sedentary lifestyle. He believes in utilizing therapeutic touch to target the underlying causes of modern pain and teaching awareness of the body for prolonged health and wellness.

Learning to listen to your body and act accordingly in conjunction with detailed specific work will improve your day to day life and many years to come."

In his free time, Winston loves to cook and expand his culinary knowledge. If you don’t find him messing about in the kitchen you'll find him catching the latest movie at the big theater."