COVID19 Coronavirus Safety Measures


The facts the we know SO FAR:
The Virus with one-900th the width of a human hair stay on hard surfaces (glass, metal, hard plastic) 4-9 days. Please read this brief informative article
A “naked” virus can’t go anywhere unless it’s hitching a ride with a droplet of mucus or saliva, said Kin-on Kwok, a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care.These mucus and saliva droplets are ejected from the mouth or nose as we cough, sneeze, laugh, sing, breathe and talk. If they don’t hit something along the way, they typically land on the floor or ground. To get access to your cells, the viral droplets must enter through the eyes, nose or mouth. Some experts believe that sneezing and coughing are likely the primary forms of transmission. Professor Kwok said talking face-to-face or sharing a meal with someone could pose a risk.
Julian Tang, a virologist and professor at the University of Leicester in England who is researching coronavirus with Professor Kwok, agreed.“If you can smell what someone had for lunch — garlic, curry, etc. — you are inhaling what they are breathing out, including any virus in their breath,” he said. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that standing within six feet could carry risk.

We are taking extra precautionary measures to use proper virucide disinfectants, forgoing our usual environmental conservation towels in the restroom for paper towels, and using face masks during some of our treatments. Please advise us if you have traveled recently or have been in close contact with those you have in the recent weeks to prepare.


For your peace of mind, we are conducting these rituals after each client/treatment until further notice by CDC:


Simple Green Disinfectant Virucide used. You can read about it here.
+Spray and wipe the oil bottle after each client.
+Spray and wipe the treatment room doorknobs, jewelry metal bowls, hot towel metal trays, front door of hot towel cabby, under stools, or any other surface we can think of being in contact that is hard metal, plastic, glass, wood etc.
+Though no notation of soft surface having contamination transmission, spray the face cradle cushion with alcohol several pumps BEFORE covering with fresh face cradle cover.
+Wash our hands after transporting the wet used towels into the hamper either in bulk after your shift OR after each session.
+Spray and wipe bathroom doorknobs both sides, light panel and toilet seat. Using and offering only papertowels for the bathroom – each panel is folded to not to touch the rest.
+Spray and wipe Square Reader and iPad surface after EACH transaction.
+Hot water and soap wash for 20 seconds on all water and tea glasses and cups
+FD will ask each client on the phone if they have traveled in the past two weeks or if in contact with partner, family, and friends. DOMESTICALLY OR INTERNATIONALLY. FD will note on each MB appt notation  – TRAVEL. This will indicate to therapist that they must wear a face mask during the session. IF the therapist feels more comfortable to ask the client before their start, please do so. IF the therapist feels more protected to wear the face mask/cover for each client, please clarify  that this is PRECAUTIONARY measure and not that you have any symptoms.

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