Ma’ema’e Aloha | Pure Love | Valentine’s Week 2019

Tropical Hawaiian Dual | Couples Massage are BACK!

Ma’ema’e Aloha | Pure Love  2019

Climate changes (Is it Spring?) have brought the tropics back to the sanctuary of Rhemedy By Rhed!  Plan your escape with your beloved (or Spring Fling) to our Hawaiian inspired couples massages for Valentine’s week. Aloha away your tension riddened muscles with your partner-in-crime by skilled nurturing massage therapists, amidst Aloha music and tropical surroundings.

We are offering a new add-on to heighten your senses for this week: Tropical Medicinal Herb Hot Compress to pre-soak your February chilled muscles prior to working out the dehydrated knots.

Revel in the post massage glow with:

•Our Signature energy (Sweet)hearts {raw honey-cacao and Passionfruit-Medjool date-cashew} lovingly made by Judie, yours truly

•Passion Mimosa {Passionfruit purée with One Hope Wine’s California Demi-Sec Peach Flavored Sparkling Wine with a dash of GT’s Pure Love Kombucha}

•White Coconut Creme tea {Non alcoholic beverage option from the Art of Tea}

What we love about One Hope Wine: One in five children do not know where their next meal is coming from. Every case provides 12 meals to a child in need.

What we love about GT’s Pure Love: RAW · BLOOD ORANGE · HIBISCUS · ROSE and it warms us up on a cold Winter’s day and radiates beauty from within. Boost digestion and radiates glow.

What we love about Art of Tea White Coconut Creme: Sweet, Creamy, Smooth tea in eco-friendly, biodegradable pyramid sachet. Select organic white tea is hand blended with organic coconut and other botanicals to deliver a sweet creamy texture with a light body and tropical notes. Medium Caffeine

Offered Feb 13 Wednesday through Feb 19 Tuesday. 60min services only.

There’s no need to limit yourselves to just February 14th as the promo lasts from Wednesday for a week for those like to celebrate after the national holiday. However we will be limiting the Valentines’s Dual|Couples Massages AND regular Dual Massages to 60minutes only for the week. Whether your beloved is pregnant for prenatal or wanting extra Selenite Crystal touches, we are happy to make it a magical romantic experience.

$290 per couple OR $340 per couple with Medicinal Herb Hot Compresses to take home.

Let us know how we can make it more personalized and special with your hearts’ requests!

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