Rhemedy  By Rhed Therapeutic Massage — West Village, NY

230 West 13th Street Suite 1B | Buzzer D Lower Level | NY NY 10011

Phone: 347.284.0086 | Text: 646.470.7396

Appointment Hours

Monday: 10am – 9pm
Tuesday: 10am – 9pm
Wednesday: 10am – 9pm
Thursday: 12pm – 9pm
Friday: 8:45am – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 9pm


A C E trains to 14th Street (walk south to the intersection of Greenwich and 13th Street)
L trains to 14th Street (walk west towards 8th Avenue)
1 2 3  trains to 14th Street (walk west towards 8th Avenue)

When You’re Here

Blue door right across the street from Integral Yoga Institute.
Ring Buzzer D, Right-hand side door upon entry, to lower level

Rhemedy  By Rhed Therapeutic Massage — Edgewater, NJ

1A Old Wood Road | Edgewater NJ 07020

Phone: 201.589.2454 | Text: 646.470.1683

Appointment Hours

Wednesday 5:00pm – 9pm
Saturday 6:00pm – 8pm
Sunday 9:00am – 3pm

Public Transportation | Driving

New Jersey Transit Bus no.158 to Garden Place stop on Edgewater. Walk west across River Road to Garden Place; travel one block up to Undercliff Ave; you will see a DeadEnd sign which will be Old River Road. Travel up the hill to the brown house.

Driving: GPS for 1 Old Wood Road Edgewater 07020 instead of 1A Old Wood Road as it won’t show up; From Undercliff Ave, you will see a DeadEnd sign which will be Old River Road {just past the Senior Residence building}. Drive up the hill to the brown house and park in the garage driveway on left.

When You’re Here

1st red door up the walkway with the Gold Owl decoration. Ring Buzzer