The Scoop on Qi: Acu and Liver Health

So what’s the scoop on Qi?

You mean to tell me there’s a mysterious energy within us that we can tap into at any given moment, and somehow this connection revolutionizes our (very) earthly walking patterns?

Okay, yea technically no one said that buut, if the shoe fits. i’d say wear it. Colds, headaches, and cloudy thinking are no match to the marvels of putting a pin it. lol.

Just fractions thicker than a blade of hair, acupuncture needles represent a blend of ancient and modern medical therapy. “So how does acupuncture balance my chi?” you ask. Think of these tiny needles as little conductors that remind your nerves how alive we actually are. Suddenly your tongue lays flatter, your throat is more open, and our bodies are excited about ways it can heal itself.

& so this spring we’re focusing these same intentions on our livers. To open, relax, and flush itself. A big thank you to our livers for holding it down thus far.

Just another one of those super helpful and holistic tools of healing we are proud to offer at RbR, Acupuncture for liver detox is a beneficial traditional Chinese practice that aids in preparing for a healthy spring by stimulating energy flow and promoting balance in the body. By improving circulation, reducing inflammation, and enhancing organ function, particularly that of the liver, acupuncture supports the body’s natural detoxification processes. As spring approaches, focusing on liver health becomes essential, as the liver is associated with emotions like fear and anger, and imbalance can lead to issues such as qi stagnation. Acupuncture, alongside modalities like gua sha and cupping, enhances liver function, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and aids in stress reduction, thus facilitating effective detoxification and overall well-being.


Let’s dive in further and book a session.


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