What is Myofascial Pain Release Massage?

What is Myofascial Pain Release? Low hanging shoulders? Aching and tight muscles? Reduced posture?

Outside of the common benefits of therapeutic massage practice, there are a few intentioned sessions you should know about! Learn more about why you should invest in this type of treatment and schedule your appointment with us today!


Myofascial Pain Release at RBR is therapy geared toward these sensitivities and postural realignment. The fascia in our bodies are unique and important tissues surrounding and supporting our muscles. When we experience pain and tightness it can be due to the fact that our fascia could use some relief. New York is cramped and tight enough!

In our myofascial release massage session, we use a sort of collaborative effort between both therapist and client to start the process of softening fascia. These sessions first begin with a consultation where your therapist will commence a series of assessments to find any trigger points that may be the cause of the pain.

In this practice, we know that every problem doesn’t simply relate/effect just one area of our body. Within our systems, when we experience pain or tightness it usually comes with the affects multiple and our therapists have the skill, eye, and intention to target those places and reset them!

This session is currently offered by Devin, Tai, Marieta and Wilbert! Book today at https://www.rhemedybyrhed.com/chelsea-scheduling/

Our Therapists have centered their studies around really learning the body!

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