Why You Should Consider Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

A body that is well maintained can help lead to a better functioning mind, which makes it easier to get through your day. Lymphatic drainage therapy is a type of massage that helps to ensure that important lymph fluid moves properly and efficiently throughout your body, bringing numerous benefits to your overall health. Learn more about why you should consider looking into lymphatic drainage therapy below. Be sure to book a session in Edgewater or West Village with our massage experts at Rhemedy By Rhed today!

person getting a massageImmune Function

It is crucial for your overall health to maintain and support your immune system so that you can ward off and prevent illnesses. Lymphatic stimulation promotes the movement of lymph fluid in your body. Through that movement, it will collect more waste and ensure that your immune system is functioning at its highest potential.

Energy Improvement

A noticeable benefit to your everyday life after receiving lymphatic drainage therapy is that your energy levels improve. This kind of massage clears out waste and improves circulation so that your body can operate more efficiently, which leaves you feeling refreshed.

Better Skin

Because of its ability to improve circulation and clear waste from your body, lymphatic drainage therapy can lead to improvements in the overall health of your skin. You will notice a more even skin tone in your face with the added benefit of reduced puffiness. It also has the added benefit of being able to reduce the prominence of old scar tissue.

deep tissue massage

Swelling Reduction

In addition to decreasing the puffiness of your skin, stimulation of your lymphatic system helps to quell swelling around your body. Patients with arthritis, pregnant women, and those with lymphedema can find relief from pain that can occur with excessive amounts of swelling in their arms and legs.

It’s important for your mind and body that your lymphatic system is stimulated and efficiently moving fluids throughout your body. Drainage therapy is one of the best options you can consider to make sure that this movement takes place. You owe it to yourself to make sure that your lymphatic system is operating at its highest level with our drainage therapy treatment.

Book your session with Rhemedy By Rhed in Edgewater or West Village and see for yourself how massage can improve your life.

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